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American Roulette is an easy to understand game of ultimate chance, you bet on which number from 0-36 the roulette ball will land upon. The numbers are coloured red or black, with 0 being green. To begin, place your money onto the table, and the dealer will exchange it for chips, with a colour or marking that is unique to you.
How To Play

You can then bet on any individual number or group of numbers, including red or black, odd or even, high or low. To bet on individual numbers you can either place your chips on a number, on the line between two or four numbers, at the end of a row of three or six, or at the end of a column or dozen.

The fewer numbers you choose, the greater the pay out if your number comes up, but the lower your chances of winning. You can continue to place bets until the dealer calls 'no more bets'. If you want to place the same bet as another player, simply place your chips on top of theirs.

There are various minimum bets in roulette, for example when you bet on odd or even, black or red, or high or low, columns or dozens (outside bets) there is usually a higher minimum bet, whereas you can bet as little as 10,000L.L.on single numbers, or groups of numbers although some tables have higher minimums. If you're not sure, just ask the dealer.

When the ball has settled in a number, the dealer will place a marker on the winning number, remove all losing bets, and pay out the winners with the following odds:
  • 1 Number En Plein/Straight Up 35-1
  • 2 Numbers Cheval/Split 17-1
  • 3 Numbers Transversal/Street 11-1
  • 4 Numbers Carre/Corner 8-1
  • 6 Numbers Sixain/Six Line 5-1
  • 12 Numbers Columns and dozens 2-1
  • 18 Numbers Red, black, high, low, odd, even even money
If 0 is spun, all outside even money bets are halved and returned to the player.

During The Game

Roulette chips can't be used on other tables. When you've finished playing, exchange your roulette chips for normal cash chips.
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